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#1 2010-02-22 3:39am

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1994 Dyno VFR

1994 Dyno VFR

Fun mid-school rider

Sold: 2010-03-13
A surprising nice survivor from Craigslist.  After a day of cleaning and restoration this bike really shows some bling!



#2 2010-02-22 7:15am

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Re: 1994 Dyno VFR

Damn, that thing is clean.  I have the same one and it looked just like that when I got it...until I went crazy off the decals, check it out, wink  This is a fav for me, big_smile

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#3 2011-01-31 6:55pm

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Re: 1994 Dyno VFR

very clean vfr. i had this back in the day and of course it got stolen(even locked up)! im in the middle of trying to obtain this bike again from someone off e bay which to some people may be overpriced but it means that much to me. anyways nice find. hold on to it!

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