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#626 2018-12-23 11:56am

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Re: z rims restored!!!!

butlerglc wrote:

Hi all, glad to see that photobucket has released our images from prison!
I know I wasnt alone on how bummed out we all were for all our hard work to help the hobby was taken from us, but I guess there must have been enough backlash that they reconsidered?
Anyway Happy Holidays all and i plan on possible doing limited work again in the new year.
I do miss it!

It's good to hear that you'll be working again. I have a pair of Tuff I's I need cleaned. cool



#627 2018-12-29 10:52am

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Re: z rims restored!!!!

on the Mike buff Z's, how was the peroxide used to make sure that the stencils did not fade as well.  I have a few sets and peroxide, but I am too chicken to try it since I don't want bright white and then yellowed stencil areas.  any help appreciated.

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