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#1 2010-02-10 5:13pm

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1974 A&A Moto X Cycle

1974 A&A Moto X Cycle

Twin Shock Moto Cycle X. 1 of 2000 made/sold.

This is a 1974 A&A Mfg. Moto Cycle X Twin Shock
A&A Mfg. was based out of Redwood City, Ca where they built and sold 2000 units through 1974 and a few months into 1975. The 2000 units consisted of a rigid, a monoshock and a twin shock. Each were a different style, but all known as Moto Cycle X. A&A stepped out of the BMX game as bicycle sales dropped, then A&A shifted its focus to the Motorcycle Industry where it stands today in San Carlos, Ca. If you're ever in the SF Bay Area, stop by A&A Racing to see a complete Twin Shock survivor. Glad to know these were built locally and there is a source for info about these rare birds...



#2 2010-02-10 5:20pm

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Re: 1974 A&A Moto X Cycle

Loving the twin top & down tubes cool

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#3 2010-02-15 6:14pm

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Re: 1974 A&A Moto X Cycle

Very cool and very 70's!smile

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#4 2010-03-16 6:54pm

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Re: 1974 A&A Moto X Cycle


out with the new in with the old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile
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#5 2010-06-26 1:41pm

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Re: 1974 A&A Moto X Cycle

so bad ass . what is the progress on the rebuild ?

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#6 2011-07-03 8:32pm

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Re: 1974 A&A Moto X Cycle

its cool to see a old old bmx frame like this



#7 2012-07-06 2:44am

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Re: 1974 A&A Moto X Cycle

My A&A Story.

I was eight years old and this bike was my birthday/Christmas gift back in 1972. I lived in Sunnyvale and we bought it from a small bike shop next to longs drug on the El Camino Real. I was so stoked I wanted to show all my neighborhood friends. So i rode down the street and turned around. looking behind me at my buddies and no at what was coming....Blamo! Ran right into a parked 70's Cadillac! First day first ride, Frame and fork...Bent like a Taco. I sat on the street in tears, my parents are gonna KILL Me!!!

My parents didn't kill me, they found the A&A Bros and we drove over to the warehouse in Redwood City! They had a Mountain Lion in a cage in the back of the warehouse!!! I got to check out the mountain lion and after a couple of weeks, I got my bent frame and forks repaired. They put the first ever head-tube gusset in my frame and repainted it the coolest powder blue ever! I'm back on the road!!! Thanks Mom & Dad.

A few years later, and I've learned how to ride weellies on this bike for Days. Our scoopin' the loop and I landed a speed weellie right on the edge of a curb. Blamo! Bent frame again! This time we're not in the bay area. So she just sat in the shed for 3-4 years. I bought another bike and eventually traded my beloved A&A to a kid for some POS bmx frame. 

She is just a memory now.

A&A Update

*I had a chance to have a conversation with Ray Abrams (one of the two A&A Bros. Ray and Bill) around 2008-2009. He remembered fixing my bike  back in 73'. Got to see the A&A museum (gotta go if your in San Carlos, CA) and the original A&A Moto-X-Cycle bikes. From my talk with Ray. Ray and his brother started in flat track motorcycles in the 60's. The sport started to die off and they needed a new source of income to fill the gap. It was suggested that the Bicycle market might be a good choice.

They started with the A&A "Handlebar BMX kit" (black Bars, grips number plate and number) to upgrade your sting-ray.
That went over well, then.. the A&A Moto-X-cylce was born. I was in the right place at the right time around Nor-Cal.

They are still making motorcycle products today! cool


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#8 2014-11-15 11:21pm

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Re: 1974 A&A Moto X Cycle

Just came across a complete 1974 Twin Shock A&A Moto-Cycle. I'll post pics as soon as I get it fixed up.



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