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#1 2007-06-25 7:33am

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1980 Pantha Stud

1980 Pantha Stud

1980 Pantha Stud (NZ BIke)

These bikes just rock. I had one as a kid and fondly remember my mum running over the Pantha motomags whenever the bike was left in the driveway. Panthas must be one of the stongest BMX's. I can't ever remember one breaking? This bike still has the original shotgun II seat and snake belly's!



#2 2007-08-28 5:28pm

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Re: 1980 Pantha Stud

Wicked looking BMX mate....i really like it...i cant believe you still have the Original snake belly's still on it

Build it & ride.... ; )



#3 2008-10-30 11:45pm

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Re: 1980 Pantha Stud

Hi. Can you please help me I had one of the first pantha bmx bikes. I have jus bought a pantha stud and a pantha scout my mate also has a pantha stud. Mine is a stud r/t his has a different name after the stud logo. Can you tell me what the difference is. Also what is the difference ina scout and a stud? I can tell the back of the frame is different and the wheel on the scout are coloured but what else? Also I want to redo mine but info is very hard to get. Thanks Graeme



#4 2011-05-07 4:24am

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Re: 1980 Pantha Stud

Heya Grim,
This is what I’ve found out since I’ve got into old school bmx, thought you might interested....

The R/t and PR-20 are the same frames (the later model R/t as it has the straight rear stays that attach to the seat tube) but the Pr20 was a more entry level racing bike which came with Araya Rims, sugino opc and alloy seat post where the R/t had cmc steel rims and a steel opc. Ones a light racer and the other was a heavy cheaper version.... Always loved the good old NZ Pantha's!




#5 2016-04-02 5:20pm

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Re: 1980 Pantha Stud




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