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#1 2009-10-30 3:48pm

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1974 Yamaha Moto-Bike

1974 Yamaha Moto-Bike

the add said 'one day you'll own a YAMAHA'

this bike is as i found it, i think the grips are the only aftermarket parts. i am going to re build it and use it as a display for some work i do for YAMAHA. If any one has any info about these bikes i would like to here about it.



#2 2009-10-30 6:21pm

Dirty Habits
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Re: 1974 Yamaha Moto-Bike

"The add said 'one day you'll own a YAMAHA"

So!!!!!!!!! Has That Day Came!!!!!!!!!lollollol

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#4 2011-09-05 12:46pm

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Re: 1974 Yamaha Moto-Bike

Looks good! Hows the resto coming?



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