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#1 2009-10-12 6:14pm

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Polygon brake caliper

What were Polygon parts on? I have a caliper, and I took my ACS brake lever apart to paint it, and it has polygon on the inside.
Here is the caliper:



#2 2009-10-12 6:32pm

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Re: Polygon brake caliper

Total low end junk.I'd keep the cable stop and pinch bolt as spares and toss the rest.

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#3 2009-10-12 6:36pm

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Re: Polygon brake caliper

yup it's a low end dia compe knock off.

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#4 2009-10-13 7:16pm

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Re: Polygon brake caliper

Polygon Parts Came on Huffy bikes in the mid 80's.

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#5 2010-11-07 9:22pm

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Re: Polygon brake caliper

saw a 80's haro mountain bike/ cruiser bike with them on it at the thrift store yesterday-

the front polygon was pretty standard dia-comp looking, but the rear looked more like a pitbull, very bulky



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