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#1 2009-10-01 8:59am

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2000 Haro Backtrail Pro

2000 Haro Backtrail Pro

Haro backtrail pro very nice bike!

hello i have a haro backtrail pro! it has all stock parts except the front wheel annd the tires!



#2 2011-05-22 8:49pm

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Re: 2000 Haro Backtrail Pro

hmmm.....i'm afraid to say that this Backtrail has almost nothing stock on it left!

BUT good news is that it looks to be a USA-Made frame that was put together with the some parts from a Backtrail X3 wink
Are the rear drop-outs stamped "Haro Bikes" ?

!Midschool TANK freak!

GT parts wanted:  # GT Profile 3pc cranks in 175mm, Mint // # One GT Fly-Cutter 45t USA-Made sprocket, NOS or Mint



#3 2012-01-01 11:14am

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Re: 2000 Haro Backtrail Pro

Not to be negative, but there is nothing STOCK on that bike. I think seat post clamp, and the handle bar stem. And the crank, but not that chainwheel.  thats about it

in 2000 it would have had Haro Heffer Pro wheels, Haro Jackhammer 4pc bars,  Haro Mega Nuke Chain wheel...  thats all i can see from the pics...

I had a Haro Backtrail Pro back in 2000,  i bought it new and should have never sold it.
Im looking for that frame tho to rebuild a bike,  if you want to sell it let me know wink

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