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#1 2009-09-28 5:08pm

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2009 Standard 125R

2009 Standard 125R

My Standard 125R

This is my newest addition. I have come to love the feel of steel.
Standard 125R 21.5" tt.
Bars-S&M Perfect 10 bars
ODI lock on grips.
Stem- Tangent XLOC
S&M Pitchforks
Eastern integrated headset
Thompson post, Normally I would never buy a Thompson they are too pricey, but my LBS guy hooked me up. They are insanely light.
Felt carbon seat with Ti rails, same LBS guy had this in the back it came with the post.
Azonic seat post clamp.
Profile 180mm cranks.
Shimano clipless peddles. I don't know why they call them clipless 'cause you gotta clip into them?
Odyssey euro bb.
Standard 39 tooth sprocket.
Chris King hubs with a 14 tooth cog, Laced to Rino-lites XL's welded. I know your thinking those are pricey too, I got this
Kenda small block 8 tires
Great bike!! the rear end on these frames takes a little getting used to because they are so short. Mine mesured 14.25 slammed, and that's where I have it

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#2 2009-09-28 10:47pm

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Re: 2009 Standard 125R

Nice bike with some great parts.

They are 'clipless' pedals because you used to use pedals with toe-clips to attach your feet to the pedals.  Clipless pedals got rid of the toe clips and straps.  So even though you clip into pedals these days, you don't use toe clips.  That's why they are called clipless.

That's my useless bit of trivia for the day lol




#3 2009-09-29 10:05am

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#4 2009-10-29 5:20am

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Re: 2009 Standard 125R

Wow ... i snapped my bike 2 weeks ago and am torn between a standard and the s + m 38... I think your bike has just made up my mind.....
such a nice machine....



#5 2011-09-24 11:04pm

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Re: 2009 Standard 125R

Dude Saw Your Bike,And All I Said Was, " WOW THAT'S F'N SICK " ! Instant Flavor ! big_smile

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