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1989 Haro Team Master Bashguard

#1 2009-09-14 7:30am

haro bob
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1989 Haro Team Master Bashguard

1989 Haro Team Master Bashguard

my old school dream bike

i alwais wanted one of these then i found it at a swap meet
its an 89 master, with tuff 2 wheels og gt street tires, odyssey flying wedge bars nos, tuff neck tiger stamped, 86 haro forks, nos tioga disc with haro multi direction ring, gt seat post and seat, nos odyssey seat clamp, the skid plate is pretty cherry but every time i ride it i get the erge to bash it and slid on everything, i wont though:) i love this bike, its so short it pops a mad wheely.

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need rare standard parts
need sta 500 stickers mid 90s
if i owe u feedback pm me
s&m minstural cycle f/f



#2 2009-10-21 10:13pm

Dirty Habits
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Re: 1989 Haro Team Master Bashguard

You Selling Your Old School Dream Bike!!!!!!!!!!!! You Never Sell Your Dream Bike!!!!!!!!!!

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#3 2010-03-03 3:16am

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Re: 1989 Haro Team Master Bashguard

Looking for Haro owners w/a 89 to 90 that live in Indiana?

Looking for an ACS 55 slant stem if anyone has one & possibly a set of Kore Candy bars?



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