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#1 2009-09-07 8:27am

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1996 Redline PL-24

1996 Redline PL-24

1996 Redline Proline 24

I bought this bike brand new and still adore it to this day
Im sure I bought it in 96 but it may be a 95 model.
As i cant find one the same in the museum it will have to stand alone as a 96
It still rides buttery smooth and is completly origional, only sporting a few chips here and there from moving house so many times..
I try and ride it at least once a week ,even if its up the street and back
Hope you like it .

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#2 2010-05-02 8:08pm

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Re: 1996 Redline PL-24

sweet redline cool




#3 2010-05-30 5:49am

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Re: 1996 Redline PL-24

This RL is a 1998 , those bars were featured in '98 as well:)

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