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#1 2009-08-29 5:56am

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2006 Felt Ethic

2006 Felt Ethic

snapped this up for my son, not rare but rides great.

i need a kastan uniblade...please



#2 2015-01-10 6:05pm

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Re: 2006 Felt Ethic

I actually bought one of these bikes for my son, I had no idea what it was or anything about it but I bought it CRAZY cheap plus it had a local well known bicycle shop sticker on it that typically sells very nice more expensive bikes so i pulled the trigger.
    We have miles and miles of trails in the town I live in so I just bought it as a throw down trail bike for him. Hell I rode it last week and its actually a great bike to ride!

Anyways now that I have bored you into a coma....thank you for sharing it!

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