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#1 2009-07-28 2:35pm

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A Bumping Mongoose With Style

A Bumping Mongoose With Style

That is cool looking :- ) I wonder if Mongoose
would push something like that in there 2010
BMX bike line.......LOL

PS: PING Gary, PJ or whom ever at bmxmuseum
Where is the EDIT button on this forums board?
Please add me a edit button for my posts. Thanks,

It looks like the $20 is for sales as it says
on the main page:

I DO NOT DO SALES on the world wide web.
Let alone on this or any other forums board.

If my BMX input and information that I contribute
is not appreciated on this forums due to money,
I guess I get to blast about this via in the wires.

Give Gene`s BMX a edit button and he will shut up.

BMX Museum SUCKS! Big Time.



#2 2009-07-28 2:42pm

ghost spidah
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Re: A Bumping Mongoose With Style

Dope boombox setup.....JL & Memphis woofers....nice.




#3 2009-07-28 2:43pm

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Re: A Bumping Mongoose With Style

I wonder if that can even be ridden?? I like this guys bumpin Mongoose better. It can actually still be ridden. smile

Can you ever really have enough GT's?



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