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1998 Dyno VFR

#1 2009-06-06 12:15pm

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1998 Dyno VFR

1998 Dyno VFR

Admin Note: 1998 build and model (also note that the rear "3D" dropout style on this bike started in 1998)

I bought this one from Keggerz as a parts bike, but just couldn't take it apart. It's a re

The frame and fork are original, as is the headset (GT), brakes(v brakes that I replaced later with techtro, were promax), cranks(GT) and BB (GT).
The stem looks to be something from an older mongoose
The chain ring- I've seen these multiple times on NEXT bikes, so it's pretty low end, but I don't plan on replacing it because it works just fine.
The knee saver bars- also probably cheap-o but they look somewhat quality built so I'm leaving those too.
Diamondback aluminum platform pedals.
Ruckus alloy rims with shimano hubs. (freewheel)

What's the point of having a bike if you're not going to ride it?



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