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#1 2009-05-18 5:04pm

ghost spidah
''brake pimp''
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Broken frames

My question: what frames have you broken [cracked/bent/etc.] ?

Mine would be:  '88 haro master.......the usual crack around the seat tube
                      '91 mongoose hooligan....bent the rear tri learning 360's off a roof
                      '92 haro master....cracked left top tube at head tube
                      '96 haro blammo......cracked left seat stay at drop out
                      '97 schwinn torque flite...cracked left chain stay at wishbone

This is just a question so let's not turn this into a bike company bashing thread.




#2 2009-05-18 5:07pm

From: Detroit, MI
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Re: Broken frames

Sounds like the 90's werent very kind to you. The only frame I ever broke was my first bmx bike. Pretty sure it was a Huffy. The gusset popped right out like a pastry from the toaster!!


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#3 2009-05-18 5:07pm

Pro MemberHas a 16" Dinky
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Re: Broken frames

this should get some laughs...huffy sigma - seat post mast broke lol



#4 2009-05-18 5:17pm

Pro Member(fantstik Spellr)
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Re: Broken frames

I cracked a Race Inc at the seat  never should have taken it to Sheep Hills it should have been retired by then.

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#5 2009-05-18 5:35pm

From: Ft Lauterdale, FL
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Re: Broken frames

I broke the head tube clean off of a columbia freestyle bike I was dirt jumping at some trails when I was like 12/13 years old.
was amazing I diddnt die then.

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#6 2009-05-18 5:37pm

Registered: 2009-04-13
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Re: Broken frames

Huffy - Toptube where welded to headtube.



#7 2009-05-18 5:37pm

Museum Addict
From: Columbus, OH
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Re: Broken frames

I cracked a GT Pro Performer around the seat tube/seat post clamp area. I'm pretty sure I had the post buried deep enough, too.



#8 2009-05-18 5:38pm

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Re: Broken frames

Lots of people complain about the 89 master bashguard.  Cracks where the guard attaches.

Don't know if this applies but the S&M LTF is classic for how easy it gets dings.  Very thin tubing.

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#9 2009-05-18 5:51pm

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Re: Broken frames

i cracked 3 gt pft's 87's and 88's.
i even cracked the forks on the gt's
85 haro master
i had a friend that was sponsored by general,and the frame broke at the seat clamp area. it was funny as hell, i will never forget it.we was behid the local kroger and he started to yell. i looked over at him and he's holding the seat,post,clamp and part of the tubing.broke it off right at the weld.he looked at me and said (real calm)F-IT, threw the seat,post,clamp,and part of the tubing in the trash and continued riding.i think i pi$$ed myself laughing because about 2 months before that, he was there when i cracked my gt pft.and he never let me live it down.then his general broke. the general was the General osborne pro.



#10 2009-05-18 5:53pm

From: Southwest Florida
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Re: Broken frames

R&R (surprise!) at the bottom tube/head tube joint. I got it already broken from a friend and Dad had it repaired. Rebroke it doing jumps. Dad had it re-repaired with a huge hunk of brazing and gave to my little brother who didn't break it.



#11 2009-05-18 6:00pm
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From: New Hope, PA
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Re: Broken frames


i cracked 3 gt pft's 87's and 88's.

I broke the top tube clean off the headtube on 86 & 87 PFTs.  Cracked LR dropouts, too.  Broke the LF dropout off a 87 Dyno fork.

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#12 2009-05-18 6:15pm

Pro Member
From: Santo Domingo, DR
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Re: Broken frames

wow,the first frame I had was a cheap euro bb bmx,it cracked a bit by the seatmast,nothing big,then  a 1985 kuwahara nova,cracked in the seatstay juncture,and bent too,after several years of no casualties,I started riding pro freestyle tours,and the dropouts started giving in,mostly due to my primitive mechanical abilities,(lack of washers,smaller cone nuts)and then the fact that those dropouts were weak at best,still,those frames are my all time fave,after the 8-9th broke,and standard axles came out,I started changing the whole dropout the meantime,and while other pfts appeared,I did have a general osborn pro which crracked behind the seat juncture too(seems it was a common ailment),of course the everpopular master crack was there too,although that one I got already cracked,I believe it was just an oversight,since most 87-88 master-sport frames cracked there,while the earlier and even the 87-88 fst-fsx inverts didnt crack as easily,I had a mongoose decade pro,THAT was good!my old trickstar never broke either,although I used it at a slower pace than the gts due to the lack of 990s.I believe mongoose bikes are SO underrated in fact,I was speaking abou this to a friend today,and I came to realize I never ever broke/bent any  mongoose part,I think the perception they were subpar bikes compared to gt or haro came from the fact gt and haro had the best teams period.about midschool frames,I havent done much harm other than maybe a slightly marked dropout after decades of use,or just a hairthin crack at some seatmast at one time,I believ a big daddy,these were frames built to last.I havent ridden a new school bike hard or long enought to crack it,but I believe they are a mixture of old school trickness and lightness,and mid school(not quite,though)resiliency.



#13 2009-05-18 6:18pm

Hipster McScrews
From: Space coast, FL
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Re: Broken frames

split the headtube all the way down the side of a 79 DG.... cracked a 83 GT pro series right behind the seat tube...

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#14 2009-05-18 6:21pm

Museum Addict
From: Gulfcoast, TX
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Re: Broken frames

Broke my 89 Bully Bashguard... bailed on a jump... bike landed on the back of the seat... snapped the seat tube above the standing platform... after that I had a quick release seatpost & clamp!

Don't remember what the jump was... probably a tabletop or something like that where the bike was partially upside down...

Dig out your bashguard bikes and let me know! I'm looking for a '91 Mongoose Hooligan, Dyno Slammer 2, '95 Haro Basher, . I'll consider the others too for the right price!



#15 2009-05-18 7:35pm

From: Sicklerville, NJ
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Re: Broken frames

92 dyno detour crack were the down tube meets the head tube .

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#16 2009-05-18 7:43pm

jay brand
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Re: Broken frames

couple murrays -both headtubes
couple of masters-both at the toptube plate where the steatube meet
db silverstreak -rear tiangle
schwinn predator-seatstay
bully bashguard- same as masters
couple holmes -seatstays
auburn-folded like a taco
DK general lee- complete seperation of the headtube from the rest of the bike
countless forks
I'm sure there's more.

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#17 2009-05-18 7:46pm

From: Indianapolis
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Re: Broken frames

Are you all sure about all these breaks ?  hmm     roll   hmm  neutral

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#18 2009-05-18 7:55pm

From: Baltimore, MD
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Re: Broken frames

89 robinson bars bottom left "bend" almost knocked my teeth out when it cracked

sugino gt crank arms.... not the arms but for some reason the pedals would egg out the threads, i guess from jumping and all.... like 3 sets



#19 2009-05-18 8:11pm

Pro MemberLast Haro guy from H.K.
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Re: Broken frames

87,88 haro master.......the usual crack around the seat tube roll

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#20 2009-05-18 8:17pm

The Banquet Boss
From: Whately, MA
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Re: Broken frames

Three or four Haro seat mast cracks, Almost every fork I ever used, best break-I broke the head tube right off an '88 Robinson.

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#21 2009-05-18 8:24pm

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Re: Broken frames

In no particular order.......
Mosh Pro XL (Kastan Made)- cracked/split the head tube riding trails
96/97 Schwinn XS- Snapped the left rear dropout clean off. (Not a good frame to ride pegs with!)
96/97 Schwinn XS- For some reason the brake mount just randomly snapped off, this frame was a replacement for the other broken XS frame. Schwinn gave me a XS ENF as replacement this time. I still have it, but it has been passed around to a few friends and is now all beat up.
Haro DV8 Mag- The frame bent right in the middle of the main tube, Haro gave me a Shredder Frame as replacement.

Been pretty lucky with frames ever since, I haven't broken a frame in almost 10 years. ****KNOCK ON WOOD****
Although, I did just order a S&M LTF, so we will see how it holds up.

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#22 2009-05-18 8:42pm

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Re: Broken frames

Thats crazy we use to jump off houses and pool sheds into the water and many other places and I HAVE NEVER BROKEN ANYTHING EVER. I've been lucky I guess.



#23 2009-05-18 8:48pm

vet pro
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Re: Broken frames

never broke a frame smile



#24 2009-05-18 8:50pm

The Rat King
From: Portland, OR(landofnosunshine)
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Re: Broken frames

Huffys....lots of em! A Redline at the chain stays, pulverized a Skyway, shatterd a schwinn, K2 alum mid school frame, and I gave it every thing I had to distroy a Macneil Rueban....will not die! This is truely the toughest bike I ever saw!

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#25 2009-05-18 9:37pm

Pro Member
From: West Palm Beach, FL
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Re: Broken frames

'77 DG Racer 2 - cracked it at the top tube/seat tube junction.

'78 MCS Z-1 - cracked the down tube right behind the head tube.

'79 MCS Magnum - broke it in half at the top tube/seat tube junction and the down tube behind the gusset. Still have a scar from that wreck where the top tube speared my calf.

'78 SE JU-6 - cracked the down tube behind the head tube.

'80 Hutch Pro Racer - cracked the down tube behind the head tube. Got a replacement, broke it in the same spot.

'82 SE PK Ripper - cracked one of the chain stays right behind the bb. Still have this frame.

'85 GT Performer - ripped the headtube 3/4 of the way off jumping off a parking garage roof. That hurt.

'85 Redline RL-20 Pro Styler - cracked the seat tube/seat stay junction. Still have this frame.

'97 Iron Horse ARS - broke and folded about 3 of these POS's when I was on the team. Flared out headtubes as well. Junk.

'99 S&M Dirt Bike - cracked the chain stay at the bb.



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