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#1 2009-04-24 7:58pm
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1985 Dyno D-30

1985 Dyno D-30

First year survivor.

F&F in survivor condition, but everything else was either restored or replaced w/ NOS correct or era-correct parts.  Original non-stamped GT Pro bars, round-stamped GT seatpost, & DC Tech4 levers were replaced w/ items in better condition, but kept on hand to keep it 99% complete, as it was in 1985.  Besides wear items, the only non-original parts are the Kenda F/S tires, Viscount Dominator seat, & the early NOS forkstanders.

original paint & decals
original SR cranks
original BB
original headset
original SR Sakae Cross Power chainwheel
rebuilt original SR pedals
Viscount Dominator seat
NOS unstamped GT layback
stripped, polished, & re-machined original wings clamp
NOS chrome Performer-style bars w/ GT decal
polished SR stem base & hardware
polished all brake bits - dated 85
NOS white Tech4-style levers
new brake cables
NOS white brake pads
bleached OE Skyways & rebuilt hubs
eplaced chewed up axle hardware w/ NOS Skyway bits
new chrome axle nuts & fender washers
NOS Kenda freestyle tires & new tubes
NOS Dyno fork standers
refinished original 1st gen GT framestanders
original black chain & master link (not shown)
A'ME grips
dice valve caps

Recently sold.

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#2 2009-09-23 8:03pm

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Re: 1985 Dyno D-30

Hey Chad, that's freakin' sweet!!

SURVIVORS RULE!!  //  I need: UNSTAMPED 84 GT Pro Performer F&F // NOS 84-85 Pro Performer CHROME sticker set  // NOS GT Coins  // ANY NOS 84-86 GT Decals



#3 2010-12-11 1:24pm

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Re: 1985 Dyno D-30


"Time is a great teacher, unfortunately it kills all it's pupils"
"BMX Mausoleum, where old bikes go to die and have their picture taken" Hector Dangus



#4 2011-07-15 1:40pm

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Re: 1985 Dyno D-30

cool Looking Dyno big_smile

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#5 2013-12-28 6:54am

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Re: 1985 Dyno D-30

Hello Man, "AWESOME JOB BROTHER" cool Last Summer I found this exact same year laying w/2 beater 10 speeds @ this guys house.
It was upside down all OG except it had a "BEAUTIFUL" set of Peregrine 48's were On her! Nippon front and rear brakes just needed polishing the year is 85 on em'... I asked the dude if he was interested in selling it? I got it for a great price that about floored me! big_smile
Anyway, It has some rust here and there but no Cancer spots! smile Even had the OG white GT tires but they where dry rot. The Paint is dull but I cleaned some area's and the blue came back like new. I'm not sure if I'm gonna restore it or what? The 48's went to my Og 1986 Haro Team Sport that Ive had since new but im restoring that and a bunch of other projects as well so the Dyno is sitting in the corner just chillin' LOL! So I just saw Ur's and had to comment on a wonderful job U have done and share my little story...

Take Care Brother, Stay Rad!!!
- Jarrett

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#6 2014-02-13 8:46pm

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Re: 1985 Dyno D-30

I believe i'll use this as a Template for my 1985 Dyno D-30 build. Very Clean, Very Classy.

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