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#1 2009-04-13 8:09am

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1987 Mongoose M-1 Mini

1987 Mongoose M-1 Mini

Drunken Ebay Buy My Son Loves

Bought off Ebay. Stripped, powdered and rebuilt with spare parts I had laying around. Notice my homage to the museum. My son loves his 'Old School Ride'

Did you know we had a charities and donations area?  I didn't!!  Please check it out and help some people out!



#2 2009-11-24 6:11pm

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Re: 1987 Mongoose M-1 Mini

Ha gotta love the next morning invoice of shame:P not a bad deal though, kid looks happy!



#3 2010-08-15 9:38pm

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Re: 1987 Mongoose M-1 Mini

Love that 1st pic of ur son and his concentration on his minigoose!

I'm looking for the following frames, frame & forks or completes by BMX products:
MotoTrac (nickle or chrome), Racer-X or a Super-X (with the double gussets).
Thanks wink
I'm also johnng23604 at "Retro-goose", "VintageBMX" & "RADbmx"



#4 2011-09-06 3:33am

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Re: 1987 Mongoose M-1 Mini

Faved! Mostly because your son is so stoked and about to get rad in the first pic! lol

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