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#1 2008-12-28 6:15pm

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1977 Redline MX-II

1977 Redline MX-II

This is a 1977 Redline w/Proline forks.

I picked this frame set up at one of the OS-BMX gatherings for dirt cheap.

> > > Wanted List: MX-60 rims ~  ECKO Helmet - Large ~ Black Schwinn Banana Seat ~ Front 24" Skyway Tuff wheel White or Yellow ~ Patterson Decals ~ Sealed Sunshine Hubs < < <



#3 2011-01-04 6:49pm

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Re: 1977 Redline MX-II

love it . love those frames . i wanna build one someday myself .

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#4 2011-01-04 6:53pm

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Re: 1977 Redline MX-II

looks great.    You still got the stroker frame i sold you ?

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