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First Gen GT Performer Frame Believe 84-86

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This is a GT Performer frame with original paint, obviously in survivor condition but intact and no significant dents or dings. I BELIEVE this is an 84-86 model - I havent attempted to strip the paint to locate a serial number just in case a potential buyer wants it in this same condition. The only visible markings are on the left chainstay and are marked "COND 4130", assuming that is the type of tubing used to build the frame. I've had a museum member tell me it is 84-86 based on the fact that there is no flange under the bottom bracket for the rear brake.

Again, I am unsure of year based on not having a serial number visible either under the bottom bracket or on the dropouts. Any help appreciated, feel free to ask for more pics if needed and will certainly consider offers. Not looking for trades at this time other than a 24" wheelset for a cruiser project.

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4 holes on the rear drops usually an 87.

But bb is missing cable guide.. Weird
Nice deal

Yeah I originally thought 87 too based on the drops. I don't get it! I'm sure there's someone on here that can solve the enigma...

I think it is a Jap 86. I have seen 86s with four holes in the rear drops

'86 mine has the same drops but weird having no guide under the bb... maybe ground off with the number...not the first time I've seen that...hmmmmmm...great price either way...GLWS

I think 86 pro perormer? cuz the lower brake is missing on the chain stay.

That's possible, there are a few 86 Pro Performers on the site that have the 4 holes on the rear drops and the same missing brake guide. Well damn, quite the conundrum. The original paint on here does match up with the purple-ish original color of some of the Pro Performers as well. I may have to just strip the rest of the paint off and see if there's a serial number under here after all...

if i had the money i would save you the  trouble and buy the thing wink

You really should! Especially with the handle blk87performer. This thing is dying to be repainted black...