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1991 Redline 720 SLX (Proline) frame set

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  1991 Redline 720 SLX  20 3/4" TT.  Cromo frame & fork. This was Redlines high end pro race frame for 91-92.  Pretty rare frame set.  Since it looks just like a earlier Proline, I was going to add some early 80's PL-20 Carrera decals and build a retro 20".  With the long 20 3/4" TT its a comfortable ride. No damage. Just a couple cosmetic issues. There's some light peppering on the inside of the forks legs and other couple spots under the head tube and seat stay welds under the seat mast.  There is also a spot on the face of the head tube where a small amount of the chrome was faking.  I wet sanded and polished the area to make it unnoticeable.  Great mid school race frame set.

  $150 west  $160 east

International members are welcome to purchase.  I charge my cost to ship USPS Priority w/ insurance. Usually about $70 for old school frames $100 for frame sets.
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  From the Redline 1991 catalog ad:

                                   The Ultimate Pro Racing Machine

"Redline's pro racing heritage is built into every square inch of the all new RL 720 SLX. Its full-chromoly frame is now even longer for more leg room."
    Area on head tube where the chrome had flaked a bit

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I was thinking retro build too, that would look really sweet!

SOLD   Thanks    RL 700 SL   smile

Cant wait.. thanks Snyderman!

Is that a Half Moon Bay Bicyclery sticker at the bottom?

Yes it is, I took it off. I've built up the frame have a look at my museum pic..