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1984 GT Pro Performer 700 shipped

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Item sold


This is a sad day. But... I have decided to sell my 1984 GT Pro Performer. This has only ever been my bike, I bought it new in 1984. The frame, forks, handle bars, seat post and rear brake caliper, (DiaCompe MX900) are the original ones that came with this bike.

The Redline forklifter stem I added shortly after I bought the bike in 1984. This is the one that the splines on the head unit had problems stripping out. This one is mildly stripped, so I added a set screw to keep it from moving. It works fine and does not affect the "Potts Mod" function.

The ACS "Potts Mod2" brake levers were added as soon as they came out, not sure what year, but as soon as I could order thm I did. Must have been shortly after I added the Redline stem.

The Profile cranks were added to this bike in 1985, They are in really good shape. I have been offered a bunch for these alone, but do not want to part this bike out. It has survived together for this long, and I would like to sell it this way.

The seat is a CylcePro ShotGun 2. It has faded a bit and is a little beat up. But is in perfect working order.

The grips are new AME GT reproduction

The pedals are new VP-565. Similar to what was popular at the time.

The wheels a genuine new production Skyway Tuff Wheels with a freewheel. These are not the ones that came with the bike.

The tire are new reproduction GT tires.

Again The price will not post for some reason. I am asking $700

Please PM me any questions
I would like to use PayPal please
Thank you.


No Price.

I know It will not post for some reason. I type it in and it resets to 0
Any idea how to get the price in there

Free is right up my alley!

Until you figure it out you can just tell us in the comment area.

You got price in their now. Nice bike.

Thanks. I rode the crap outta this thing from 1984 to about 1987. My avatar pic is me sitting on this bike in 1985


Looks cool. Fork decal is upside down though tongue

I'd like the seat and levers and if you part it though please.

Oh Crap! I did forget to mention that the decals were repops too. Sorry dudes!! Are you sure I put them on upside down!!

Yep. Sticker is upside down

Dang Jimmy!! Sorry folks....sad


free thats for me and i ll take 3

So how much? smile

Rail dude. Its in the description. $750 + $50 shipping

Bumpity Bump! Come on folks! Help me find her a new home!

$700 shipped!!!

Some of the bikes in the museum that are survivors had the sticker on that way also.  I think you are good, besides, they are repops so they can be fixerd if wrong for cheapola!


curious, what is the first 4 digits of the serial?

dibs pending question

dibs per our conversation.

official dibs

Well this is awkward. First I would like to say "Thank You" to everyone for the kind words, and enthusiastic interest in my bike.
It seems I have gotten near simultaneous dibs by several persons, simultaneously, at the same time:D
I believe protocol says I have to go with the first person to PM me, email me, than call me as well.
slomves and I started an email convo two days ago, and he committed to buy just before all the interest popped up. I was unable to respond yesterday, to many of your queries, I am sorry.
I hope everyone understands.
I do have some other items laying around, and will be posting those soon. Most notably a set of
z-rims that came off this bike.

Thanks again

I cant see any dibs in this post other than mine?

According to the time line, as you can see above, i dibbed, sent a pm asking how to pay a whole 2 hours before the other chap, so basically, i was first to dib. i look forward to a reply on this.


Thanks for eventually having the decency to reply to my pm's! not the correct way to conduct business on here in my humble opinion!!

Dude! Sorry your pissed off. I get it. But my previous reply about all the dibs coming at the same time, should explain it. This bike went to the first person who contacted me, and we made a deal. I understand the timeline shows your dibs first, but please understand, I had no reasonable offer for two weeks, and as you were posting dibs, I was closing the deal with another gentleman. I was on the phone with him and not near my computer. By the time I got back to my computer I had 19 pm's!!! In MY timeline you were 4th in line on offers I got.

I wasn't putting an offer in, I responded to the $700 listed price that's why I dibbed. I thought that was the way it worked round here? Why didn't the person who you were negotiating with post a 'dibs' in the thread, as im aware 'dibs rules over pm's'.  its all a bit shady and not 'cricket'at all! im presuming the latter dibs is the buyer? Maybe 4th in YOUR line of offers, but that's just your word? the fact is,and remains that I was the FIRST to retain the pending purchase by adhereing to the rules of the for sale section of this site by 'dibbing then pm'ing'. You cant refute the facts!

im also upset with this sale. bcuz before anyone dibed i pm'd asking how the seller wanted me to dib. which i never received a response. if i had i wuda dibed. but who thinks it was an accident that the seller could not post the price in the right place so that there would a "buy it" button....???

Yeah, I call it BS smile

Price:$0.00Posted:Apr 29 '13 6:12AM PDTShipping:FreeShip International:NoTrades OK:No

look at the 'posted' date?????

Why the hell you guys bashing me???? If you could look at the timeline of my pm's you would see when the first person to pm me with an offer was. NOT my fault the "dibs" didnt fall chronologically in order. I committed to sell it before you put dibs on the forum. If I backed out of the first guy who I said "sold" to.. that would be real shady. I cant stress this enough. I had many people AT THE SAME TIME! calling "dibs", "official dibs", and some other types of pm's asking about it. Sorry I dont sit in front of my computer all day, I do have a job,
I can see adenough, that nothing will please you until you get your way. Thats unfortunate, because you are not this time.

Im not bothered about not buying the bike, im just bothered that you didn't follow forum protocol,and if you put something up for sale you should be more alert to emails/pm's when you have an item for sale. is it not 2013? when I get an email, im alerted by my telephone, it makes a bleeping noise, so I too don't have to sit in front of a computer all day. That was a proper lame excuse, it may have washed 3-4 years ago, but im afraid not in this day and age. One big LOL.

& one more thing, not repliying to anyones email about any subject is damn rude!

Why the hell you guys bashing me????

Because in a democracy, the majority rule!

Price not in proper place so as to have a "buy now" button.
No sale rules.
Not responding to Pm's.
No offers for 2 weeks ? It was posted on the 29th.
And if u don't want 19 Pm's waiting for a response and u have a private deal going on, let us know with a            "Deal pending " post.
I'm not upset I missed the bike, I miss things all the time. It's just the way u handled the sale.

Also if you clowns read all the comments, you would see that the posting would not allow me to list a price.

Whos the clown who doesnt know how to list in the very user friendly procedure of the for sale section? And we are the clowns? hmm

Your wrong, we are right, deal with it!

You are right I am so ashamed. I will never do bad again. Now give it a rest..

big_smile lol ,No worries smile