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Mongoose Kos Cruiser WOW!!!look

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You are looking at a beautiful  1981 Mongoose  Kos Cruiser  chrome looks real nice and shiny has some
real-real  small surface  scratches on   frame. Fork looks great
1)Rims  The  rims are Arayas  26X175  polished and anodized. Look beautiful has some small brake rub to back  rim
2)  Mongoose   polished original gold neck
3)  Mongoose Cranks
4)  Shimano Pedals
5)  Mx Style brakes
6)  Kos stainless steel  polished  look bars old school
7)  Blue original schwinn cruiser tires
This bike is in real nice condition

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:cool: pm'd bro :D



cool blue look sweet :cool:

Good looking ride here

great deal here

Pm sent

Love this

That is Karate Kids' bike. Sweet

bet she rides smooth as silk

very nice, good buy as well..