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1993 Homeless Mack

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Minty 1993 Homeless Mack James Shepherd Pro Model OG Decals Nice Dropouts Extremely Rare. No dings, dents, repairs. Chrome Perfect. Beautiful Frame, probably the nicest one out there. Thanks for looking.

Partial Trades include:  Excellent Cond.:
                                     Chrome Homeless Threaded Forks
                                     GT Elite Pedals
                                     OG Hutch Beartraps
                                     Chrome 4th Gen PA's 180mm



damn i wish!!! nice frame set brother

How rare is this frame??How many out there??

Thanks Keith! Hard to let go. Hopefully there's somebody who will build this proper, it is one of only a few known survivors. <<< Homeless Trash James Sheppard edit


Been getting alot of PM's about trades. Added a partial trades list above. ^^^ cool

haha yeah calling sheps video part an edit   thats a crime

sick frame few on here would do this bike any justice

The Homeless Mack went to one of the best riders on the Museum-- flat, street, and trails, with a long history re Homeless Bikes and Trend. There is a God. cool