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Rare kuwahara KYZ/ET 82 old original BMX Sugino Suntour MX IRC KKT All Offers Considered

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1982 Kuwahara KYZ
Totally original 1982 kuwahara KYZ, this was the one I really wanted when I was in my early years of BMXing.

I've been busy building my latest creation, which i hope will be of some interest and maybe for your web site (Jamie's Kuwahara Site, which is brilliant). I have stripped my KYZ right back and started all over again to try and preserve the KUWAHARA name. I'm hoping that my next two projects are goinig to go just as well. This year I'm going to completley re-build my KZ-1 and my E.T KZ 2.5, along with my Schwinn bmx, Supergoose and last but not least my Tange Hot Heart in very light pink.

My name is Edd Haddock and I live in Hampshire, England it's taken me about 18 months to rebuild my Kuwahara to show room condition.
My bike is a Kuwahara KYZ 1982 which has been completely restored using only total original parts. Most of the parts have come from different parts of the world including a lots of help from people in the US and Australia.
Parts List:
KYZ original frame & Forks - Chrome Tange frame and forks dated 1982, amazing condition for its age, not one scratch on it.
Win V-bars - Chrome, amazing condition with original 'Winn' sticker
Sugino stem - Black with the famous Sugino stamp.
OGK grips - Mint condition black pair of OGK's 77 - 17A grips .
Tange Headset - Tioga original black 1'' headset.
Ukai 20'' Rims - Black Ukai Speedlines carefully re-spoked.
Suntour 36 hole high flange hubs - Original black SR Hubs
IRC skinwall tires - Pair of IRC Z-III racing original, wanted IRC 80MX tyres but still looking.
Dia Compe 890 caliper - Black dia compe front and rear calipers dated 83, brake cables dated 85 with original cable clips.
Dia Compe levers - Dia compe two finger MX tech 2's black brake levers
KKT AMX pedals - Mint condition KKT pedals in gloss black with original end caps
Sugino steel 175 mm cranks - Original dated 83 excellent condition one piece chrome 175mm crank arm..
Hatta Bottom Bracket Set - Original
Sugino 44t steel chainwheel - Black sugino 44T, never been used.
Sugino chainring bolts - Chrome
Izue chain - Chrome linked chain, fitted never used
Elina lighting Seat - Original Black Elina lighting bolt seat excellent condition with very good condtion yellow and red lighting flash.
Nagaoka fluted alloy post - Black fluted seat post
Suntour forget aluminium seat post clamp - Original Suntour black and silver seat clamp.

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That is a nice clean build ! Well done Ed. Good luck on your other projects. smile

thanks for that, im hoping to get the others on in the next couple of weeks..

OMG.....this is really nice
Loved every piece of it

Very very cool Ed. There is no extra little hole in the right gusset. My KYZ has it. This may be an ET frame. Or were there KYZ frames that had no little hole.

That's really strange cos I thought I knew everything there was to know about Kuwi's and I've never noticed that before, Edd

very very nice ET, how did you source your gold Araya's.

Thanks Edd. I always wished my KYZ looked like an ET even back in the 80s. but I chose my KYZ over the ET purely because it felt lighter. I had both in front of me and had to make a tough choice when I was 12. Better rider or better looks. With making my KYZ into an ET I have fulfilled both ; )

Arayas are actually NOS Ukai Speedlines I found in the back of an old shop here in Johannesburg.

Totally sick Kuwahara build! The attention to detail is fantastic and I can't believe the f/f are original. Unreal cool

AWESOME build brother!!! Very nice Kuwi!!! I have my eyes on an '81 KZ-1... I promised myself no more bikes until I get the Kuwi... You have put together one AMAZING old-skool classic!!! This ride ROXXX!!! Again, Very, Very NICE!!!

Amazing bike. Congrats to whomever can let go of $2,390 for it!

awesome bike,
do yo know what the postage to Melbourne, Australia is??

I Thinks it's going to be around £180-£200 but I need to confrim this...cheers Edd

ronin8 whats your postcode in oz

Great bike mate.would love this.

PM sent. big_smile