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S&M DirtBike 24" Cruiser Complete DIVORCE DROP!!!

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Item sold to cjgchaos (2013-04-19 6:11pm)


2011 S&M Dirt Bike Frame (brand franken new outta the box)
Fit Forks

S&M Redneck Stem

S&M Slam Bars Handle Bars

ODI grips with S&M  Bar Ends

Alex Rims/gold nipples

Joytech Cassette hub w/13T freewheel

KKT AMX pedals

Dia Compe Brake & Lever

Black Label 3 Piece Cranks 175mm

28T Black Label Chain Wheel

Primo Rod seat post

S&M Hot Seat black on black

Tioga Powerblock tires 24X2.10

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live in sin for the win!!!
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Awesome Bike!! cool

That's a good looking bike!big_smile



rides even better... who wants a ride on the ninja?


sh!ts cleannn ey!!

Beautiful bike, still available?

its here just hit the button!

Veruh, veruh nice!

If you need money for Meth, just ask.
Don't sell the Dirt Bike!

lol that bike is awesome

uh no... cant afford meth

Pm sent

Did the primo rods come in gold? Good deal!

this is an old pic... thats a odyssey convertible... it has a black primo and black on black hot seat now

big_smile good seller here , sweet bike too

thanks mang... how's that GT treatin you anyways?

Holy hell that's nice

Forgive me, but what is this bike still doing here?  Everybody wants to yell, "S&M!" but nobody wants to step up to the plate!  Bein' po' is my excuse! lol

no clue guys... theres like zero wear or tear on this thing its nearly flawless

Honestly I might. I am searching for a 24" as we speak prefer the old school but this damn thing is so frickn SEXY!

Alright. Dibs sending paypal

Pmnt sent