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REDLINE 400'S 180 og chrome

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Item sold to lipshtzz (2013-03-05 12:17pm)


OG chrome redline 180 400's . original condition with some marks on the backside of arms. chrome is shiny not peeling but has pant rub. I do not have a spindle . I have fitted them to a spindle and they fit nice and tight with little play . Missing one chain ring bolt. clean polish and use for a survivour build or use. Chain ring included . dibs to



What tha'?yikesyikesyikes


Dammm Homie!!!

Half price Tuesday smilebig_smile

Aparently I didnt do my homework but Ill honor the deal , if this guy doesnt pay Ill re consider


He's been around way to long not to pay.

2nd dibs

dang,  that was a steal for some vintage ....

I swear to God, I miss everything...wa, wa...

Datsgood big_smile

payment sent thanks again

Will ship tomorrow ..

Dang , late to the party again.....