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Very early Redline RL-20II frame/fork (all white/RD/1984)

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Item sold to schwallman (2013-06-13 3:38pm)


One of the earliest RL-20II framesets sold to the public. One of the mythical first 250.
Original finish has it's fair share of bumps and bruises but there are no cracks, dents, rewelds, etc.
This sale is for the frame and fork only. The previous owner cut out the blue squares in the downtube decals. Apparently the blue clashed with his color scheme.
The second picture is how I had it built up a few years ago.
Be the next owner of this classic frameset!

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Wowzers.... Cool '84

Price is negotiable within reason. Thanks.



wow awesome scoot!!  GLWS!

I know people continue to enquire about this one. I'm starting to lean toward selling it again. You know I change my mind on selling it more than my wife changes clothes so get it while I'm in the mood! Price is no longer negotiable. I'm not desperate and the price is what it's worth to me. For you overseas interested parties, I'll try to be better about getting a shipping price for you this time around.

I'll include an OG set of fork pegs in the deal.

Sweet classic, glws!cool

More than a fair price for such a super low serial. So Rad!


PM sent!


Sold. On it's way to sunny FL.