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1983 GT cruiser 24 inch f/f 750 shipped to lower 48 only

Mar 8 '13 9:25PM PST
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1983 GT cruiser frame and fork only top tube is aprox 22 1/4 inches  750 shipped to lower 48 states one small ding on top tube  seatpost opening a bit squished rear dropouts a little spread at the very end  no cracks dents or rewelds forks have been drilled for front brake back brake bridge is a little smashed not too bad paypal is im posting the forks separate but f/f is 750 shipped )


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Item sold.


Have you actually looked at the pics you put on here? This is a great all time cruiser and needs better pics. No,Much better pics. Sorry just saying

ok ill post better pics tomorrow

And it would also help to tell us what size is it 24" 26"?

this is the frame and fork in my bikes dressed in blue

My friend,this is a classic that appears to be a "surviver"and I will be interested when I see more and better pics. As many pics as you can post along with detailed pics of any areas of concern(like the dent you mentioned)it will help you much.

Just checked out your bikes . Very cool cruiser .

Nice rare GT

Put the tt length also since there was a GT Pro 24 Cruiser with a 22 inch tt and a standard GT Cruiser.

this and the JMC and the HBS and VDC Rank in the Highs with these guys.There not trying to be mean.Its there hobbie and when the 24 inch cruisers come about ever so often they seem to get a little freaky a little around the edges.if the Sun lite hubs show up or the MXR's the rear sharks come out to play.In no way are they being hard on you But any GEN 1 cruiser or specail parts like Gen 1 hutch parts or the hutch cranks come onto the markey Take as many good pictures as possible

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