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Feb 24 '13 2:13PM PST
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OK...Through a twist of fate, Ive become the proud owner of these beauties, unfortunately I dont have an early CW or Revcore worthy of these bars and want to find the rightful owner for them. So up for grabs is an ultra rare set of pro-size Revcore bars...100% American made BADNESS!!!  29 1/2" wide with about 9" rise knurled for stem and grips, capped ends hermetically sealing in ultra light southern california sea-level air for life!!! Made from a rare blend of CR-MO steel, and 1980's unobtainium (no longer available!) Chrome is excellent with 1 rash at left upper bend (see pic) a front brake lever would cover most of it. OG stickers have seen better days, but legible and add character in my opinion!  ONLY trades considered for these is: MINT red maxy cross w/BB, clean full wrap flights w/BB, deep H stem w/pro bars, or CLEAN red 20X1.75 Ukais/Arayas w/ bullseye or phil woods. PLEASE feel free to ask any ??? P.M. me with any offers and pp addy. Thanks for looking


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Item sold.


6" From stem to crossbar center to center, Dave.

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Not even close to a 9 inch rise, Patterson pro bars 8  3/4 rise way taller than these.
6 1/2Hey Dipshit your suppose to measur the center of the cross bar to the center of the knurling on the bars there is no way there 9 inches GT pro bars in the 80's were 8inch rise those are  6 1/2.

Heres the actual measurement of the rise you decide. NORCALBOYZ posted the comment above and then removed it when I called him on it. I got my info straight from the tutorial on here, D's Comp, and another BMX forum on how to measure rise. All the info is here for you to decide for yourself. Thanks for looking

Why you selling them? you just bought them

Bought em to sell should buy em, theyd look sweet on 1 of ur Revcore's! big_smile

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