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83 Mongoose Expert

Apr 12 '13 6:32AM PDT
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Nice little score I had a while back. I have not touched it since getting it other than swapping a few parts to make it more original. It had some yellow parts on it that just did not look right. It could be one heck of a survivor or a great project. The only thing I could find wrong was that someone drilled it to put a kickstand on it. Chrome is nice and still has the original Cheng Shen tires on it from 83. The nobbies are flawless. This thing was not ridden much back in the day. Asking $350 OBO. Now for the pics!!


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Item sold.


That is a nice bike for a good price...I'm surprised it is still up here.  Good luck with the sale.

This is so FREAKIN' SWEEETTTT!!!! Wish I could afford it right now... Someone is getting a SWEET DEAL!!! GLWS!!!

Where are the pics?

I will try and add some more tonight.

Pics, more

Finally got some more for you guys. LOL!

Pm sent

Lets part this bad boy out! Let me know what you want and make me some offers. I am willing to deal!!

Dude, if your parting it out, you should give it the weekend here, then try EVIL-bay... My brother Andy tried to sell his 79 Supergoose like 6 yrs ago for $400, got no takers, parted it on e-bay and made over $800!!! So sad to see this get parted out... It is a NICE build!!! Good Luck!!!

Pm sent

Any chance you could send this to Australia? If so I'm all over it like a fat kid on a cupcake..

It looks awesome and would go well next to my 84 model.


Is that fork original? Doesn't look like a goose fork.

No, I dont believe so. Haven't looked very close but I think it might be Akisu.

If you are thinking about parting out is there any chance on letting the pad set go for my 84 expert restore?  Many thanks.

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