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MCS Chainwheel Blue NEW

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I have 3 of these NOS with slight shelf-wear in the following sizes 36t and 38t which are in the bag and a 42t out of the bag but still have the bag. This is the cheapest you will find these.

MCS gears are constructed from machined aluminum. Made to fit all spiders on all cranks with the very commomplace and universal 110mm (bcd) diameter 5 bolt pattern. Rings 38t and larger are convertible in that they also have a 130 mm bolt pattern in addition to the 110 mm pattern. The 130 mm pattern fits flat spiders (hubless) without modification.
Fits 1/2", 3/32", 6 spd, 7 spd, 8 spd, and many 9 spd chains. A favorite in the BMX Race Industry, MTB and Roadies.
Product Weight: 1.7 to 3.1 ounces depending on size, 2.9 oz (41 tooth model)


Dibs on the 42 t

Dibs on the 38t


42t paid

36t is all that is left

^^^ No it's not.  wink  Dibs 36t  Paid