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Sep 13 '13 4:53PM PDT
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My baby one year only 1986 pk ripper ..first year of wavy chain stay and second year stamped forks only two years on these forks 1985 and 1986.. Parts layout is
1986 pk ripper frame and forks
powerlite bars tange grips
very rare Petes precision products stem
tange 125 headset and suntour headset lock
diacompe mx1000 brake with skyward pads
Sr post with kashimax repop seat
ukai chrome wheels with bullseye hubs original complll blue grey lable 1.5s
redine 401s 175 length hadly bottom bracket double dimple spindle
ppp power disc and 43 tooth sprocket
crupi pro round pedals with hutch cages and have nos crupi cages
oldschool pad set se racing
any questions feel free to ask..almost everything is nos or like new the frame and fork and bars are powder in candy red. Serious bidders pm me but my price is firm especially after paypal and shipping


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Item sold.


Timeless excellence . I would love to have this but ill let someone else take it smile



Ahh! The Memories, of when they were the "RADDEST" Sick PK Brother! GLWS! smile cool

PS! Must add all them pics make this sweetheart look like she just rolled off the show room floor! Excellent Components! Very , Very Slick!

VERY NICE RIDE!!! Classic colors!!! Choice parts!!! big_smilebig_smilebig_smile

wow, i have never seen that stem before...
I WANT ONE BAD, if this doesnt sell and you want to let go of the stem let me know. thanks alot and GLWS

SICK!!!!!!!!! '85-'86 P.K.s are the coolest


one of the cleanest rippers I have seen. Great job man! Too bad you have to let it go!


WOW.... What a trick bike...

Luv the 'attention to detail'cool


What a classic ride.


Awesome ride!

Alittle past my time - but I can definatly appreciate this build a sweet colors and distribution ..... Hate to throw it out there, but should you end up parting it, please let me know a out the stem (sold mine about a year or two ago and hate myself for it)

You must have a really good reason to sell this beauty!  You should photoshop the background.  It needs to be floating in the heavens.  I hear trumpets when I look at that ride!

So rad!


Nice Bike.

awesome, nice bike.

dibs on PPP stem ,that said how much $$$$

If you are parting this out, you need to price items for sale and begin appropriate thread(s).  This is getting moved to SOLD.

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