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1985 or 86 Schwinn Predator 1/4 Flash complete

Mar 9 '13 7:09PM PST
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Schwinn 1/4 Flash complete. 4130 chromoly frame and fork with bi-oval tubing. Smoke chrome finish has several scratches and is worn in a few places but should clean up pretty nicely. Everything appears to be original except the tires. Tires are shot. SR stem, pedals and hubs. Dia-Compe MX-900 front and rear brakes with tech 4 levers. Araya 7X shiny side rims. SR stem and hubs. Sugino cranks and chainwheel. Wheels spin true with no major scratches. Brakes are in great shape. Original reflectors and chainguard. Viscount Dyna seat with fluted layback post.


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RL Paulie
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Item sold.


Cool bike! That thing is all original except those tires. Shame that it will probably get parted out and not cleaned up and ridden.

The seemingly high price (for a predator) is there to prevent just such a practice. I want to minimize the profitability of parts flippers.

The price isn't really so bad, considering the quality of the components, condition, and the originality of it (not to mention it's black chrome). I'd toss the tires, tubes, grips, and bring that bike on the next ride!

What's the date stamp on it?  Starts with a "G".


Dude I think that's a '85 Nighthawk.  The 1/4 Flash before the name change because of the law suit from Honda.

Is that good? All I know is that the decals say 1/4 Flash.

Well it's essentially the same bike just that it's a bit more rare because of the name is all.  Yeah I see that the decals say 1/4 Flash but anybody could have put those on at a later time.  It's good for someone who wants a true Nighthawk which I think it is if it was stamped in Sept. of '85 (the 0985 means Sept. 1985) but I don't think it makes it more valuable unless you get 2 guys fighting over it!  Great looking bike though.  Like SR71 said,  I think you have it priced about right considering how original it is.  Those rims alone are a good chunk of the price if you were to buy them separately.

I also have a chrome Predator Streetwise from around the same couple year time span. Same components as this one except the wheels were updated to Araya Super 7X. I'm planning to sell that one too, but I'll sell the wheels separately.

Bike will be parted out on ebay soon.

Very nice!!! Tempting for a nice clean up and ride:-)


sent you an email

Last chance to buy this one complete. The part out starts this coming week.

dibs on frame pad and pedals

dis on chain guard as well! lol coolcool

I sent email for frame pad on 3-01-13...

Pretty sure the pad is in rough shape.

rough or not lol still dibbing it if price is right. coolcool

This offer is officially off the table.  You guys are going to be kicking yourselves for not jumping on this when you had the chance. I just cleaned up the front wheel and it's beautiful!

oh well no biggie! i have a night hawk complete minus the bar pad and only paid 250 shipped about 3 months ago! its in primo shape as well. just think the price was a little steep. but all in all it is a great bike. hope you enjoy it. coolcool

Payment sent for bar pad

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