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1991 Hawk F20

Feb 21 '13 5:43PM PST
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK
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Up for grabs is the holy grail of Hawk bikes, this is by far the nicer ones of the few that I have seen. The paint is about an 8 out of a 10, thats probably only because I am very meticulous about every little detail, there are some small paint chips. I am also including NOS odyssey seat clamp, NOS Tioga headset and the brake bridge. If you want to send me an offer I will consider any reasonable one.

Top Tube length is 20.5"

I will ship outside of the US but it will not be for free, get with me first so I can give you a shipping quote.


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Item sold.


I will consider any reasonable offer. No one has one?

How much for the brake bridge?somebody recently had a bunch of hawks for sale on here,the leftover factory inventory....yours looks like it has a one off headtube gusset,ive never seen one like that before...glws!

I'm selling everything together, I seen that, those were nice but not the quality of this one. This is the very first year of the Hawk and there's not many around, especially in this condition. I always thought the gusset thing was cool, I'm just selling off my bike stuff, don't need it anymore

that frame is not one of the first the first ones had square seat tube also. those are super rare. but yours came out right after that. this is only the second one with the gusset ive seen. if it had og decals on it i would have already been all over this.

I have the magazine with the first Hawk in it and I have yet to see the infamous square seat post Hawk or any pictures of it. This however I guess I should say was the first year of the mass produced Hawk of very limited. If it had the og decals I probably would keep it even though its taking up space and I would rather pass it along to someone who will have the patience to build it up right. So shoot me an offer all I can say is no.


I gotta give you an apology honda1wheel. I dug that magazine out ad the prototype did have the square tubing for the seat post and then went to a round tube at the top and the forks are way different too. If my scanner would scan I would scan it

I have one of the square seat tube frames, I'm trying to build it up to the specs of that magazine article you talking about. I'm also considering picking up this frame.

I'm waiting on you. I will accept any reasonable offer


Come on now, if I wait much longer I will just keep it and wait around for the forks.

Anyone? I will take less just make an offer


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