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Solid Custom frame 18.5" top tube flatland frame old school feel

Jan 21 '13 1:43PM PST
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I accept Paypal only.

The price is with shipping, and will be UPS ground to the lower 48 in the USA (Canada considered, and will have to be First Class Mail.  I will  take longer to ship, and I will not ship as a gift).

Ask any questions before PM'ing to pay or using the Buy it now (which if you do have negatives is the reason for not seeing the BIN).

I will get back to you ASAP and will ship the same day or the next weekday.

$100 shipped OBO

This is a Solid Custom Made frame.  I had it made in 2008.   It has a geometry more like a Skyway Streetbeat.  It is small and was intended for flatland.  It is at about 4lbs even.

75 head tube angle 71 seat tube angle
Head tube length is 18.5" c/c.   
Chainstay is 14" slammed.
Bottom Bracket is 11.25" depending on the tire.
The standover is 9" c of tt/c of bb.   

It has seat stay 990 mounts, 1 cable stop and holes in the head tube for Fly gyro Tabs.   This also has a integrated headset and Euro bottom bracket.   It uses a 1" seat post.  14mm dropouts that only work with wheel slammers. 

I only clear coated it with acrylic paint.   The paint is coming off all over and needs a paint job.   Paint it any color you want!

The Bottom bracket threads are tight on the non-drive side (need chasing). 

I only used it for a week or two until getting another frame back (an FBM Equilibrium).   

It is small, but maybe an old-school guy would like how it rides?

TRADES Considered for other frames /stuff

want list: 

- (2) chrome in great shape Sun BFR 36 hole rims
- (2) black Sun all black Rhynolite XL rims in 36 hole
- 2hip Supernatural fork/stem
- silver TNT inverted stem, silver being polished, no hole cracks.
- 98 TNT HWA fong daddy with the center gusset
- 1 1/8" TNT race fork
- Black GT OGK performer mags
- original condition 87GT PFT F/F

more pictures:


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Item sold.


trade want list added

love it

I'm liking this, just don't have anything on your trade list.

That's just stuff I listed.  Throw some stuff at me, I may bite.

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