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gt crank long bolt and nut.

Jun 17 '13 5:05PM PDT
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gt crank long bolt and nut.


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king kong aint got nothing on me
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Item sold.


I need this bolt but la chingada................. idk bout $85bucks lol
good luck with your sale tho

155.00 about going rate for FSA- G.T. Crank set so you want that and  you want 235.00 More .  Grand total  of   390.00 ?      hmm

86laserlite. im selling just the bolt and nut for $80.00 or best offer if i put it on ebay i will get it.  the cranks im selling is not on this post but on its own post and comes with its own bolt and nut. also that crankset is better than you regular cone bearings that you would find on a regular fsa cpi crank set up that right there is a selling point. also the bearings are NEW and they cost MONEY by themselves. also the bearing cups are custom and had to be machined. that cost money also. if you want those noisy outdated crank set up with cone bearings, and twisted shaft for 155.00 then buy them for 155.00. i didnt want those, so i put money into this solid set. as for the crank arms a little polishing and they are mint for 100.00. so actually since your numbers are off, it would cost $300.00 for one extremely smooth, quiet crank set with new bearings and a show mounted crank set. yes that a deal i would put my money in if i didnt have them.

Solid . Could use bolt.... ''as well'' for my   Full- Speed- Ahead  CNC Crank Set  .  Good luck with Sales.

very interested, pm'd!

just waiting for your payment info. Thanks

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