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Unstamped 1984 GT Pro Performer Frame/Fork

Feb 26 '13 10:27AM PST
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK
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Chrome is decent with minor scuffs here and there. No deep scratches, cracks, dents or re-welds. Very low serial February 84 serial number. It's the second lowest SN so far registered in the 84 unstamped registry thread established here several months ago. Price is firm. I will ship internationally if you're willing to pay for it. Thanks for looking!


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RL Paulie
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Item sold.


Damn I want that....... drooooool tongue

Someone was looking for this in the WTB section. … 5#p3983155

I have a 84 but its painted orange... Nice, I love GTs!! smile


I've had a lot of private messages from people asking to buy the one I have. That, the rarity of the frameset, and the fact that I have not seen another one for sale is what the price is based on.

This is a great f/f and the price is more than far on a rare piece such as this. Very cool.


I honestly can not believe this is still here!!??


Everytime I start a new build and soak up my
Bmx allowance something this bad ass rolls up

Very awesome .... Would look great with my collection .

Can some one please answer this question for me?I just got an 82 nora cup GT Pro Racing complete.There are no serial #on it anywhere and the top tube in the rear at the seat is unstamped as well.Is this a rare or common f/f??The stickers say 82 Nora cup on the bike as well as Santa Anna California... Any help or a pm on this would be great.Dont wanna mess up this thread!Thanks!

Price drop.

Sweet frame... Maybe if you still have it at tax return time... lol

PM sent re international shipping please advise Tks

Final price drop.



LOL ... Love that bike dude

Any international shipping options yet???  sad

Jmac, I'll try to look into shipping to Australia tonight.

dibs, pm sent and Money is ready .

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