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1998 Hoffman Evel Kinevel rider condition

Apr 1 '13 8:02PM PDT
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**Make offers on this, if no interest I will post up the frame/fork bars I have a use for the wheels

Heavy rider condition 1998 EK. This bike has been through the wringer. Frame is solid, no dent's just scratches. I snapped a few of the pictures to show the condition of the bike. It should put it in perspective. I will snap any other photo's you want. Serial number is 0358#. My best friend bought this new in 1998 and I came to it 2 owners later. I hoped it had been in better stock shape. I wish it was cause this would hang well on the shop wall. It does not have stock seat(bummer). But the sprocket is true and the bike is very rideable and easily restored with some love and TLC. Don't miss a chance to own a bit of history. postal money order is preferred but paypal and even credit card is accepted.  Please post up all questions and know exactly what you are getting.
Cut handlebars
Original super worn grips
990 brakes w/gyro
Stock stem,headset
Stock sprocket EK 44t
Ripped and torn Primo Hemmroid seat (stock seat is NOT on bike)
stock chrome torker cranks stock
Front wheel is the super araya super 7x rim on sealed 3/8 hoffman hub
Rear wheel is Big city laced with DT spokes to the Girthy 14mm hub No grind marks on hub.
Primo tenderizer unsealed pedals


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