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1998 GT Pro Series 20"

Jan 18 '13 1:42PM PST
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1998 GT Pro Series 20".  Bike appears to be all original according to my 1998 GT catalog except the cranks.  Cranks are profiles.  Serial number is YC98E06730.  Chrome is pretty good.  It does have some very light peppering in a few spots and a few small scratches here and there.  Hard to even see in the pics.  I didn't really go after it too hard either as far as cleaning goes.  There are no dents or dings that I could find and no cracks or rewelds.  Seat has a cut in the top.  Wheels are straight with no hop at all.  Brake cable could use a little help.  Price includes shipping to the lower 48.  Reasonable offers will be considered.  Please see extra pics below and ask questions if you have them.  Thanks!!


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Item sold to Pishposh.


Can you send me some more pictures and TT measurment. Hubs sealed? mohawk? length of cranks?
milletdesign at gmail dot com

The top tube, if I measured right in the past, is 20.5".  I can take some more pics tonight.  What would you like pics of?  To my knowledge hubs are not sealed, but they are Mowhawks to my knowledge.  I'm at work right now so I will get you whatever you need when I get home.  Here is a thread from when I got and was trying to figure out what it was.  There is more info on there.

Paid. Please PM Tracking when shipped. Thanks, Pasha big_smile

someone got an aesome deal:)

Looks like a gt fueler:)

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