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1987 GT Performer Jr Pit Bike

Dec 21 '12 3:32PM PST
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I put this jr together for my 7 year old but he never rides it. (damn razor scooters)

Parts - I am also throwing in the pink/blue gt performer jr decals but my dog chewed on them a bit some are still good so you will only need to find the ones that are ruined.
Frame/Fork - 87 GT Permormer Jr - I bought this on here a while ago - the person sanded the frame as it looks like it was getting ready for powder or something. i also didnt do anything to it.
GT Tires 16 X 1.75 with GT logo on them bought them NOS but they were ridden on twice no wear on them you can still see the nipples all over
Skyway Tuffs 16" Black
One piece cranks i think they are 155 or 160 length
I am throwing in a repowdered GT jr sprocket as the one on the bike is original but it is bent and nasty looking
GT Layback Seatpost chrome is nice GT stamp
GT Clamp
GT Seat - looks like a jr GT seat some scratches
GT Mallet Stem
GT hadle bars not jr bars looks to big
GT peddals
Blue chain has "z" on all the links
AME Tri grips
No name back brake set - bike store generic


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Item sold.


Wheels and Tires are pending. If sold, everything else is $250 shipped

pm sent

VVery niice wink if not sold oh ready if buy cool

pm sent wink

everything is still available except the wheels and tires.

just pm'ed you


Is the f/f still for sale?

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