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1 inch threadless MOSH flip stem

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This is a MOSH flip style stem for a 1" fork - NOT 1 1/8"!!!  It is in really nice condition.  There are a couple very small marks here and there, but nothing major or deep.  Has about a 55mm reach.  Super cool stem in great shape! 

Asking $35 with FREE U.S. shipping!!!   

Reasonable offers will be considered!  Check my other items for sale - package deals welcomed!!!

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Very cool -- I'm diggin' the "electrical outlet" design, but I'm also trying to figure out how, with it being XL size, it works without a quill and no interior threads...

I think there were quite a few mid '90s bikes that used a 1" threadless fork.

+1.  I actually have a 1996 Mosh (Kastan built I was told by OG owner and others) that has a 1" threadless Brand X fork.  Odd, but they were made in the 90's for Pro size frames.  :cool: stem.  Considering grabbing this...