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1979 JMC Long Standard Frame signed by Jim Melton

Dec 21 '12 3:14PM PST
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1979 JMC Long Standard blue with gold decals. I bought this frame from Chris V. a few months ago and was going to build it up but have been sidetracked by another build I had been hunting down for years. This is a really nice solid frame with excellent paint and decals, only a few wear marks at the rear drops, near seat post clamp area, a around the BB shell. Decals are very clean and near perfect and the rest of the paint looks like new. The right side of the TT is signed by Jim Melton himself, in black marker. I hate to admit this but I had the certificate of authenticity that Chris sold to me, proving this was Jim's signature, but somehow I lost it. I know it is possible to request another from the Maestro himself. I only state this to let you know I had the evidence in hand and it's really Jim's signature. Anyway, beautiful frame, no dents, dings, cracks or re-welds.

******Christmas Special******PRICE DROP from $450 to $325.00 shipped for a SIGNED JMC frame. Can't beat it!!!***************

$325.00 shipped anywhere in the 48 US.

If you are seriously interested, PM me for more photos.


Chris Ransom


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Item sold.


pm sent

nice man!

It's really his signature.  I was there when he signed it. I miss that bike.

I painted that bike in May of this year.

Hey Joe! I know, I love this frame too. You should buy it back. I just dropped the price, man. Hate to sell it but I am rounding up cash for my Cinelli. Been waiting 2 years to find a Cinelli and now that's taking all my green.

Buy it back--make a profit! Hell, this is lower than I paid to get it from you!

Cheers, man.



Does anyone know the actual "Blue" Used for factory JMC paint? Anyone?

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