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Jan 10 '13 7:00PM PST
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This is my complete 2011 black S&M Dirtbike 24, totally decked out and built to take a real beating. This bike is awesome, loaded with all the finest parts, or at least what I consider the finest. This bike is in awesome shape, I take very, very good care of my stuff, this bike was an all around rider bike which I rode to work, but kept in my office, so there are no bike rack marks. The paint is flawless, the wheels are flawless. This bike was my family ride bike, work bike, not abused at all. I just dont ride hard these days, track day is a differnet story! lol The parts list is under my bikes, but the highlights are G-Sport hubs, Sun BFR rims, Profile cranks, Mulville stem 53mm and Profile Spline Drive sprocket, Thomson post, S&M frame/forks/bars, Odyssey EVO II brakes with Odyssey Mono lever, FSA Impact Pro sealed headset, S&M sealed 101 pedals, S&M grips, Odyssey Path tires, S&M Mid bottem bracket. This bike is blacked out right down to the spokes and alloy nipples......

*****Also, if you are intersted in the wheels, let me know. I would be willing to sell the wheels and use my set of Profile Mini's with BFR 24's and keep this with a few red part changes. Either way is fine! 
Price for the wheels without tires would be $340, with $8.00 for shipping, which is less than half of what it will actually cost. If you want the tires, tubes and alloy valve caps, add another $45 which is a steal, tires look new.**********

Shipping will cost around $75 to $80 for this beast, I cover the last half........


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Item sold.



Dude! I know man........tough to lose, but I need to cut 1 from the heard to make room for a midschool S&M! cool

awesome bike is right. if I could scrape up that much dough, I'd take it. I hope it works out for you. selling this and the new adventure,

Wow..well folks I dare to say you won't find or be able to build a better Dirtbike 24" for what he's asking for . Stand-up member and his builds are top-notch . I hope someone appreciates this bike and buys it to enjoy . cool

Thanks broskie, I appreciate that. Shes a beast for sure, hate to sell her, but if I want a midschool S&M, number 5 has to go to make room for the new number 5. Tough call but necessary.......big_smile

Beauty of a rig, as always from Stoner71, but thankfully it's not the .38 Special, or I'd be returning a heap of Christmas gifts to snag it.  The parts selection and attention to detail are always second to none.

Hey thanks man, very good of you to say that! big_smile Tell you what though, even though I'm still kinda in the honeymoon faze with my new Hoder, those 38's will ALWAYS be my faves! lol Those were my first custom builds and I'm a racer at heart. Won't change a thing, well........maybe! Lol


Getting rid of the DB????? Ill give ya my new ATF for it smile

Von......PM sent...........big_smile

yikes No wayyy!! I'd give up my Call Girl for this one! But then you'd be getting your parts! Man I'd love to get this one, such a beauty.  GLWS bro, take it easy

Thanks my man, losing this one will hurt, but my limit is 5 bikes, so if I want a midschool S&M, one had to go.........I chose this one over my red/chrome DB 24, not sure why though! lol

Damn nice bike! Wish I handheld dough. GLWS. smile

dont buy midschool bro! once you get in, you cant get out!! lol it sucked me in fast, and before i knew it, i had rooms full of midschool bikes lol

glws bro, beautiful bike!

Hey Pap's.......I know man. But I'm stuck on my 5 bike limit, so this 1 midschool should do it, the hard part is choosing the 1! lol

yikes I hope you find a worthy replacement -- but knowing you, you will.  GLWS.

Thanks my man, its gonna be a real ball buster!

Killer man!!GLWS!!Happy New Year!!

Thanks Jerry! Happy New Year to you too my friend!

ah, you put this up for sale after I order an Ox from Solid!  GLWS broseph, btw I need some 24" pitchforks now wink wink


Wow! How did I miss this......ah, Bro.....I know your next build will be slammin'!

Thanks guys, the next build will be the last. I did impose a 5 bike limit, but Im thinking 6 isn't that much of a compromise! wink Might just keep this one.........

Being a mid-school/race guy myself, I can't wait to see what you have in the works. cool

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