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Profile Racing BMX Cranks with Profile American BB Titanium New

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Profile Racing BMX Black Cranks with Profile American Silver Hop UP BB and Titanium spindle-Brand New. If you want another size or model email to check stock.
The 48 Spline Titanium axle is 5 5/8" BMX standard. Arms Made in 2021 in Florida.

Arms are NOT engraved with the Logo. They are now like the chrome arm in picture, but black.

This main picture shows a chromoly axle, but you will receive a Profile titanium axle. If you want to make any changes email us at for a quote or we can send a Paypal invoice to you Paypal email.

Profile Race Crankset with the new lightweight Profile GDH (Gun Drilled Hollow) Ti Spindle. Profile Race Complete Crankset with Profile American sized BB to fit your retro frame with American Bottom Bracket.
This is a full set of Profile Cranks including all Profile hardware and the Profile install tool. The tool pulls the arms on about 3/4 of the way then you have to use the Profile crank bolts to finish tightening the arms.
Be sure to use the correct bearing spacer that is included and some anti-seize grease. The grease is not included.

Profile cranks are hand made in the USA. The Black BB in the picture is a internal european threaded type that fits race frames with threaded a BB shell. We can make you a set anyway you need. The picture of the 2 BB types is for additional information and comparison. This set will include the 19mm BB set because the Profile Racing GDH axle (spindle) is 19mm.

FREE and stickers with all ordered placed here.

Order at for more options and recommendations.

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