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1989 Mongoose Solution Pro Proto type

Oct 16 '13 4:10PM PDT
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This is a 1989 1990 Mongoose Solution Pro this is a proto type it is a Mongoose but it was Built by Redline on the bottom bracket tube it is stamped with the REDLINE  logo witch you can see this is a Chrome frame Most of the ones I've ever seen are in Blue but have seen a few in Red No other information is Known  on the frame on the back drop outs there are NO M's this fame is in very good shape with 2 small dings on the chain stay.It dose need some finishing cleaning on it on the bottom bracket it still has the protective coding to protect the chrome  if your going to buy it my

no over sea's shipping


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Item sold.


Hello, what is the toptube length, does it have the ovalized downtube, also what would postage be to Australia postcode 3340

yes it dose its 21 inches need to box it and check to see what it be

looks like the early 90's menace frame...

well the menace was a 18 inch frame not the 21 inch that this one is plus this has the redline stamp on the bottom and this one is chrome

want this sucker. if its still around beginning of next month (next payday, but i doubt it will be) im totally gonna snag it.


read, he says its a redline built prototype roll

I think it was made in the same Taiwan factory as Redline Frames,
Just a mix up or left over B.B. shells.

i still want this beast.

Wish you accepted paypal, no offense but not enough cred for me to send a money order to. My loss. GLWS smile

Edit: I'm a bit confused title says no paypal but buy now button is available. Please clarify, thanks.

I cant believe this thing isn't drawing more attention. for one its 89 so its still kinda old school but its late enough for these individual companies to be pretty set in what they do and at this time have to be big time competitors. so why in the hell does that say redline on the bottom bracket?? were these bikes both made in the same Taiwan factory and a hungover employee grabbed the wrong bottom bracket? if not is this the one and only redline looptail with a mongoose sticker on it? (highly unlikely) I cant believe this isn't drawing more attention. someone help here

the Mongoose Solution Pro was not made in Taiwan it was made here in the USA

Why is this a prototype?

you ever see one of these Solution Pro in Chrome plus this one was built in 1990 and all mongooses had the M's on the drop outs and a reline stamp on the bottom makes it a 1 off or proto type

or team issue

yikes cool

Normally speaking, a prototype would not be chromed at any point.  Let alone, stickered.   I would beat, if not the original owner, someone just put the stickers on later....

Solution Pro's also have a flare on the bottom of the dropout.  This dropout is flat all the way.   Ohh...  there is also NO cross bare in the lower chainstays near the crank tube.  And that chainstay is normally dimpled to allow the chain wheel to pass and have clearance.

Oh, but the way, Solution Pro's were made in Taiwan, according to other ones on this board, that are survivors with original decals showing.

What is the serial number actually read?  I can not completely read it all.  It does not appear to be a Redline style number pattern.

my 2c:

I have an RL 720 and RL 720SLX, some of my buddies on this site have RL700 that also start with L00xxxx. I dont know if earlier prolines also had serials starting with L, but certainly 90-92 bikes seem to.

Having trouble believing it has a 21"TT, is this measured properly center to center?

just check it its a 21 inch frame

ithis is not a redline its a mongoose

"L" serial number is ANLUN,

ANLUN =  bicycle frame and parts builder in Taiwan.

so no not USA built probably is photo type as they most likely used bits and pieces of tubing to put it together hence the redline stamp. so not redline built but built in a factory that all so builds redline.

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