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Dec 10 '12 11:47AM PST
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Took these wheels off of a old S&M Challenger bike. They were spray painted white by previous owner. Not sure if these are the carbon fiber ones or not. Threads on the flip flop hub look good. Doesnt seem to be any cracks on wheels. They are dirty and have bad paint but could be cleaned or stripped. They are 20inch


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Item sold to maddmaxivan.


anything in particular youd be interested in trading for?
i do have a use for those if they arent cracked..

day two,have sent you a pm sending another one,please advise,thanks

Hey I am very interested in these whats the would you take 75 for them

im still interested..lmk if you see anything ive posted that you want ok

Bearings spin great too.

okay,im ready.
i have only two questions for you Sir.
what color is under that white?
and what kind of freewheel does it take?
thanks,and lmk and ill pay you immediately.

I can check when I get to work tomorrow but im almost positive it takes both sizes, flip flop. And it was yellow, then the orginal black...but I can almost pick the paint off, somebody never prepped before paint, or even primered

so,to clarify,the rims were originally black?
then yellow then white ?
lmk,and thanks.

yes seems so, this is how i got them

you are Paid Sir,and thank you for answering my questions smile

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