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Hutch Pro Racer pre-serial # F/F '81-'82 lower

Dec 20 '12 9:41AM PST
Ship International Int'l
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Up for grabs is a nice pre-serial # Hutch Pro Racer F/F. Overall chrome condition 7/10 & very clean. No rusty spots, no dings, no SOS pad marks or dents.  Noticed a very slight hairline crack starting on the brake bridge that was covered by the caliper- very minute but I should mention it.  The forks are undrilled and are in decent shape- two 1/8" spots chrome lifting on dropouts, pretty nice though. This F/F was raced and has the patina of such.  The decals are in really good shape and appear to be original. I'll also include the chrome Tange headset.
Please PM me with your email addy for additional pics or info.
Shipping to lower 48 States with this price, overseas please inquire (UK avg. $200+; AUS avg. $300)

I also have an original white USA Hutch frame listed FS too, so check it out.


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Item sold.


would you trade for a snap on tool box

Is this a usa made or Taiwani made?

big_smile USA all the way. '81-'82

nice frame set, and mxfan69 if its a pre serial Hutch  its  u.s.a. built

USA built 82-83

81 whould have a drilled brake bridge.

You can't pin an exact year on Hutch frames! Yes, the very early frames had the drilled bridge (early '81 and prior). This IS why I state a year range! This is a for sale post, not a forum anyways.

I always refer to this site. sorry to have jumped on ya big_smile

I have new big block Hooker Headers Super Comp headers coated for 67-69 Camaro or 68-72 Nova. They have 2 1/8" primary tubes and 3 1/2" collectors. Like to trade ?

No Trades!  I need to read before I post...

Very nice!!! Hopefully people know your autioning on ebay wink

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