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1986 Haro Master frame/fork/standers. Chrome. Bling. Bling. Bling.

Nov 12 '12 12:29PM PST
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Frame Sets

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Worst that can happen if you make an offer is that I berate you merciless.


BEAUTIFUL, BLINGY 1986 Haro Master Frame and Fork with mismatched (but nice) fork standers (see pics).

This f/f was originally green (some still left in bottom bracket), but has been completely stripped of the green. The chrome isn't quite perfect, but is extremely nice. Way nicer than most I've seen out there. Around the seat mast and bottom bracket, the chrome goes slightly thin or dull, but it's really not obvious, I just need to point it out. Once it's built up, you don't even notice it. I have seen quite a few '86's are like this around the rear standers where the chrome is the same way, including my original green/chrome '86 from BITD.

First 2 digits of serial are 85.

There's a few very minor scrapes, but hardly any, you don't notice them unless you really go over it closely.

This f/f will NOT disappoint. It's absolutely beautiful.

Decal set is from AJK back when you could still get them. Applied very nicely, and has only been ridden once in the driveway since stickers applied.

Also includes the headset as shown. Brand new bottom bracket cups pressed in and ready for you.

Fork standers: one has the cut out, the other doesn't, so they are not matched. But, they are in great shape overall, and work fine, stay up and don't flop around. Consider them freebies.

Drops are great.

Seat post mast has no cracking or other damage, now or ever.

No cracks, rewelds, repairs anywhere. Cable guides are intact and round.

You do NOT want this one to get away.

See pics. But the flash makes everything look far worse than it is. F/F is beautiful. If you're local, feel free to come and check it out in person.

PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking.

I also have some killer chrome Haro handlebars with original great-condition stickers that I will put up for sale after this f/f sells (and ONLY after the f/f sells. If you purchase this f/f, and want to purchase the bars with it, I can send you photos.



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Item sold.


are those 85 forks?

are those 85 forks?

No, they are not 85 forks, they are 86 forks.

Look where the standers mount. '85's are much higher.

Ah, there we go. I was just coming here to mark it smile

Will mark pending payment. Thanks Karl.

Tears will shed here over this one once this sinks in!

still available?

No, it's marked sold. It sold in less than an hour of being posted.

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