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1998 Hoffman George F&F stem and many extras. Chris King Standard WTP

Dec 3 '12 1:17PM PST
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1998 Hoffman George F&F is in overal good used condition.  NO CRACKS, NO REWELDS, NO DENTS that I can see.  Decals are a little worn, but I did see you could purchase a new set here on the museum for about $20.  Paint could use some love, I would have repainted myself but if you plan on making a daily rider paint would be fine. 
PARTS INCLUDED: Hoffman seat clamp, it in good shape but has been sprayed with rattle can.  2 used seats 1 Mongoose, and 1 camo.  Camo is in excellent condition.  Mongoose is in good cond and comes with guts.  1 used 25.4 seat post. Needs paint  Hoffman stem is in good condition, does have what looks to be hammer marks on it.  Tektro 990 brake and L&R levers. Brake is in good cond. Left lever is in excellent shape, right does have scratches. (see pics) Odyssey Shark Bite pedals good shape painted gold.  Standard 44 Sprocket black does have scratches and looks to be in good condition.  Could use some cleaning up, and teeth show no wear.  2004 We The People Pro Crank 180mm 22mm spindle sealed BB looks to be in good condition is showing signs of surface rust but will clean up nicely with some polish and elbow grease. Just added Chris King headset Black and was taken off of another bike.  In good condition, and does show some signs of wear, but will work just fine. (Sorry Headset is not pictured) Also just added 1 SNAFU Rim Job 1.95 high pressure 130psi tire in good used condition.  There is wear on it but a lot of life is still in this tire. Sorry no picture.

Whats wrong with bike?  Nothing, but I can't get crank off, and I do not what to use the HAMMER method to remove it.  The standard Profile tool will not work, to small and I can't find anyone local who has the SS tool.  So I decide to sell before I do some serious damage to the bike, cranks or myself.  So if you plan on purchasing be warned that removing the cranks could be an issue.  I also know that there are people on this site that can work miracles, and we have all seen it happen.


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Item sold to 1oldschoolG.


I would trade for Haro Backtrail cruiser or Nyquist R24 framesets.  Let me know what you have, but I prefer the mid school Haro stuff.

I just added this, CHRIS KING headset Black is also included but not pictured.  It is used and shows some cosmetic signs of wear but nothing that will effect the performance of the headset.  Overall condition is good.  So you get everything pictured above PLUS the Chris King Black Headset.

hey bud awesome set ....

Thank you, and I hope that someone sees the sweetness of this deal.

New! I just added 1 Snafu Rim Job Tire 1.95 high pressure 130psi in good used condition. It does show signs of wear but there is a ton a life left it.  Sorry no picture of this either.  So you get above items, and a Black Chris King headset 1 1/8 and this Snafu tire also.  I'm just cleaning out some stuff in my garage, and you get it all for $125.
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