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85 RL20II Frame

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85 RL20II frame in survivor shape. Frame has usual paint chips. Dropouts are the best I've seen on an 85. The frame has chrome chipped off on each chainstay where the cranks rubbed at some point, other than that the frame has no dents or dings, and would be perfect for a restoration or even a rider. 550.00 shipped

If I ship out of the lower 48 you are responsible for added shipping. Thanks

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From: Dallas TX
Signed up: 2011-06-03
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Sweet frame in TX!! Glws!

Nice!! How is the top of the seat tube? i can't quite see if looks crimped...

Looks like an 86 to me.

tope of seat tube is fine, paint is just scratched off.

It's debatable wether it's an 85 or 86.  85 serial# sold as an 86.

Also has the 85 paint scheme.

Are you open to offers???

I'll consider offers aslong as they're reasonable :)


Hey Nuggett, what is the serial #?




I want to own them all  !!!!!!:D

Me too! Bad thing is I had planned to build it, new chrome whole nine yards, but bills will suck the life outta any plans you have lol. :rolleyes:

Dibs per PM and Paid.  Thanks Nuggett I am going to have a blast working on this with my 8th grade bike club.  Now just have to find some bars and a fork and I will be set:)

Thanks buddy, hope you enjoy it!