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93 Auburn CR20 RX 20.5" TT XL

Nov 13 '12 7:47PM PST
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  1993 Auburn CR20 RX.  This is Auburn's XL frame w/ the longer front end 20.5 " top tube length.  These are super sweet race frames.  I've got another 93 RX in my collection and absolutely love it.  Just a great mid school race bike.  This sale includes everything pictured the CR20 RX frame w/ alum. Works Link, Auburn fork, Tioga Beartrap head set, GT stamped polished aluminum stem, GT double bolt seat clamp, GT seat and uncut Robinson chrome seat post.  Everything is in nice shape w/ no issues.  All decals were removed by original owner shortly after he purchased it sad There are some scratches here and there in the purple portion of the frame.  All of these scratches will touch up easily w/ a fine point purple Sharpie pen.  I used a Sharpie to touch up my other purple RX frame and it worked great.  This will make a great mid school project for any collector.

  The stem & rear Works Link have both been freshly polished to a mirror finish smile

  I can send larger pics via email upon request.

  Free shipping to lower 48

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  Here's some pics of my other 93 RX complete.  She's a beauty.  Down tube decal is autographed by Todd Corbitt & some other cat from the Auburn Racing Team smile


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Item sold.





Looking for any Panda stuff, undrilled Redline fork in nickel,  OS uncut Star Bars, black, red or blue Mushroom grips, Auburn pads, Schwinn Pro modified 1 frame decals and some  nice 20" 7b's or Ambrosio hoops.

That complete is sick!

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